• Drama is Life

    …with all the dull parts left out

  • The only time a woman is helpless

    …is when her nail polish is drying

  • Style is a way to say who you are

    …without having to speak

  • love is in the hair

  • People will stare

    …make it worth their while

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At Drama Hair we believe that the basis of a perfect haircut is excellent technique and an innate feeling for suitability.Our stylists are trained to a high standard and have a comprehensive knowledge of head shape, hair texture and hair structure to achieve meticulously crafted looks to suit your own personal image, whether timeless, classic or fashionable. We cater for ladies gents and children.Our clients can relax in the knowledge that they are in expert hands, addressing their personal hair style and prescribing solutions from our comprehensive range of high quality products.Our Colour Experts are totally in touch with the latest style and product trends, and will understand your specific hair needs to create the look you want.At Drama we offer a friendly and warm service, with a commitment to creativity, quality and client satisfaction. Why not come and try us by taking advantage of a free consultation today?

Hair Extensions

We provide luxury, custom tailored hair extensions, using only the very finest, hand-picked Russian and European natural human hair.We pride ourselves on our unique personal touch, attention to detail and outstanding customer service and are dedicated to the art of applying beautiful first class professional hair extensions which blend flawlessly with your natural hair.Our application technique creates a free-flowing hairstyle that will move, fall and behave exactly like your real hair, giving the hair extensions an authentic, natural look and feel. Whether your hair is short, long, fine, thick, wavy, straight, blonde or brunette,

our professional hair extensions can be successfully applied to virtually any type of hair or style, without leaving any typical ‘telltale’ signs of extensions, and always appearing extremely natural.Our micro hair extensions are applied individually strand-by-strand and are secured to small sections of the natural hair by forming tiny micro bonds (the size of a grain of rice), which are 100% safe, undetectable and incredibly comfortable. The size of the bond can be adjusted according to the density of your natural hair, and therefore our hair extensions can even be applied to the finest of hair, and still remain completely undetectable.We also specialise in applying hair extensions for very short hair.

Finest Human Hair

Since we are an independent hair extensions specialist, we are not tied under the name of any other company or brand of extensions, which therefore allows us to source hair directly from the best suppliers, so that we can offer the finest human hair extensions.


Hair extensions are not only designed to lengthen the natural hair, but may also be applied to increase thickness and volume, to add movement, body and texture or simply to give the appearance of highlights or lowlights.Our hair extensions are custom tailored to suit each and every clients unique requirements.

Non-Damaging Hair Extensions

As one of few hair extensions specialists, we take great pride in being able to offer an extremely safe hair extensions system that will not damage your hair.Every aspect of hair safety is taken into account during every step of the hair extensions process, from consultation to removal.

We only use the highest quality, genuine Virgin Russian, dyed Russian and European human hair. Because of the exceptionally high quality of our hair, it can be reused for multiple reapplications, which therefore reduces the cost of subsequent refits.

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